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Respect the Movement

Why we love CrossFit:


  • Great community aspect - You get to know the people at your box. There’s always that feeling of team work and camaraderie, and "out of the box" get togethers. If you don’t show up, not only do people notice, but they call you and ask where you’ve been.

  • Constant coaching and support – You have a coach with you during every workout.

  • Leveling up – Because you get to keep track of how much you’re lifting, and you know how many reps and sets you’re doing, you get to see constant improvement.  You also get to advance at your own pace, slowly working your way up towards doing the workouts as prescribed.

  • Humbling, yet encouraging – yes, you might end your workout lying on your back, but you have a sense of accomplishment when you finish a workout faster than the last time.

  • Competition - it’s amazing how much further you’ll push yourself when surrounded by other people cheering you on and competing with them. It’s a good outlet for former athletes who like to compete.  After playing competitive sports through high school and college, all of a sudden there’s nothing left to compete in. CrossFit gives people that outlet.

  • You get to find out what you’re made of. CrossFit can be miserable, but it can also teach you how to push through mental barriers, build mental toughness and more.

  • It builds good muscular endurance and all around fitness – your body is prepared for pretty much any athletic situation after a few months of CrossFit.  

We want Burlington to experience CrossFit and all it has to offer.


Our mission is to assist our members in achieving their individual fitness goals through the use of constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.  Whether their goal is to train for a specialized event, get stronger, or just lose a few pounds.  This training program will help with all of those.  We understand that not everyone loves to workout like we do, but we want to create an environment that everyone will love to be in. We do this by building a one-of-a-kind CrossFit community. 










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